bobNot able to join me during the winter in Mexico at Studio South, please join me for one of these unique events in the United States.

Due to Covid workshops from Studios North are currently virtual on the Zoom Platform.

-Listed below is a partial schedule of Zoom workshops, (I’ll be posting in person workshops for the summer and fall in the spring).

Art Workshops and Demos conducted by Robert Masla at the Casa – Studios North, Ashfield, Massachusetts and various other locations in the U.S. will be listed below. Listings are added and updated throughout the year, please check back.

“My goal as an instructor/facilitator is not to teach you to paint or draw like me, but to paint and draw like you, to help you uncover your unique vision and signature. In this process I will help you expand the “colors on your palette”, assisting you in developing your repertoire and understanding of various techniques, knowledge and skills in the mastery of the craft of drawing and painting. Most importantly, my goal is to help you to learn how to see and think visually, with that comes an expanded awareness that art springs from creativity and connectedness to life” – Masla

Spend a relaxing weekend in the country while you learn at your own pace with lots of demos and helpful one on one instruction at Masla Studios North.

Masla painting in Jerome, Arizona at the 10th Annual Sedona Plein Air Festival.

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The following workshops listed below with Masla are zoom platform. Some of the Virtual Workshops with Masla at his Studios North are run through The Museum School at the Springfield Museums

The first one below is run through The Museum School at the Springfield Museums. They will be updating with more this summer.
You can register at
or call Jeane Fontaine Courses & Travel Curator 413-314-6482

August 23rd Watercolor on Fredrix Watercolor Canvas
Free Fredrix canvas provided

August 24th Elements of Landscape Painting
Free Fredrix canvas provided

To register call Jeanne at the Museum School: 413-314-6482

Other workshops will have the sponsor contact at the end of each listing. To find out more about in person workshops keep scrolling down.

Watch Masla's free demos:
"2 at Once" - With the publisher of Plein Air Magazine, Eric Rhoads  Live, You Tube Channel
Watercolor Painting Using an Imprimatura Technique on Fredrix Watercolor Canvas, on Royal Talens North America, Creators Studio Live.

Watch another of  Masla's demos with Royal Talens N.A. Creator Studios Live: “Painting Rocks and Water Using an Imprimatura Technique and Cobra water mixable oils on Fredrix oil primed linen”

At the Springfield Museum School:

The Elements of Landscape Painting

Zoom online workshop:
Tuesday, April 6 @ 10:00 am
3:00 pm
Robert Masla, A Distant View, (Mt Manadnock from Brown Rd.,   oil on canvas 24" x 36"

Landscapes can impress, inform and inspire us. The creative artist does not just replicate what they see, but seeks to capture and express their reaction to their experience. Join artist Robert Masla for this unique Zoom workshop as he shares with you over 40 years of painting and teaching experience in a relaxed and informative environment. Masla will lead you through paint-along demonstrations, revealing not just the various techniques on how to portray depth, light, value and atmosphere, but also how our individual emotional response connects to the landscape to convey a mood in our painting. Masla will explain the importance of understanding your intention and its influence on the planning of your composition and the execution of creating a successful landscape painting either in the studio or en plein air. Supply list, images and a Fredrix canvas panel provided. A Zoom link will be sent the day before the class.

You can register for this and the other Springfield Museum School workshops at
or call Jeane Fontaine Courses & Travel Curator 413-314-6482

Painting Watercolor on Watercolor Canvas

Zoom online workshop:
Wednesday, April 7 @ 10:00 am3:00 pm
Robert Masla, Entering the Market, (Essouria, Morocco)       12" x 9", watercolor on Fredrix watercolor canvas

Robert Masla will cover the various properties, stages, and methods of planning and executing a successful watercolor on watercolor canvas—from preparing the surface to preparation for display. Among many of its advantages, watercolor canvas allows the artist to “erase” the watercolor back to the white of the canvas, allowing for a “fearless” technique. Experience the unique properties of this special ground for watercolor—its versatility and its limits. Through a series of paint along demonstrations Masla will lead you in the creation of a watercolor on canvas. Supply list, images and a Fredrix canvas panel provided. A Zoom link will be sent the day before the class.

You can register for this and the other Springfield Museum School workshops at
or call Jeane Fontaine Courses & Travel Curator 413-314-6482

Life Enhancement Through Drawing & Painting, Ashfield, with artist Robert Masla

This program is supported in part by a grant from the Ashfield Cultural Council, a local agency which is supported by the Mass Cultural Council, a state agency.

Join artist Robert Masla for a series of FREE, Fun, Fast moving and information packed workshops on drawing, sketchbook journaling and watercolor painting over a course of three days. 2 days will be conducted on zoom and the third day will be out doors, masked and socially distanced.

Masla, Rhythm of 2,(at the frisbee tournament), graphite wash pencil in sketchbook.

These workshops are free to Ashfield residents and is limited to 20 participants on a first registered basis. They are appropriate for all levels of persons with an interest in exploration and expression in the visual arts and how it can enhance life, (ages 14+, those younger please contact the artist for clearance). Participants with little or no experience to those that are actively engaged in art and want to review basics and recharge their creativity with fresh input will find this workshop series beneficial.

Masla, graphite wash drawing on w.c. paper of lion sculpture at P.V. Botanical Gardens 

Workshop Structure:
The 1st day Masla will lead you with 3 cameras through a large gamut of approaches to drawing extracting lessons from his over 50 years of experience making art. Through a series of exercises covering intention, composition, value, shape, line and edges you will discover the magic of mark making. You will gain an understanding of the effects of light and shadow on form, and the methods for creating a sense of atmosphere and 3 dimensional illusions on a 2 dimensional surface. You will also learn about simplification and abstraction and developing a personal “shorthand” to convey detail. Through exploring a variety of skills and techniques you will evolve your ability to SEE – building your confidence in your mark and enhancing your drawing and painting.

The second day will focus on Simple Ways to Success in Watercolor.There will be an introduction to the basics & the essentials of creating successful watercolors. Watercolor is no more difficult to master than any other painting medium. It is about gaining an understanding of it's unique attributes and characteristics and then applying principles related to them with patience, practice and persistance. We will start at the very beginning, understanding paper, brushes and pigments – and their relationship to water. Through a series of paint along demonstrations Masla will lead you in the dance of watercolor painting. You will be given the tools, exercises and principles to practice and continue gaining the understanding of the give and take between the artist, the paint, paper and the water that ultimately brings mastery to watercolor painting.

Masla, April Snows in Apple Valley, w.c. on paper, 5" x 7"

Day 3 will be spent “En Plein Air”, sketching and painting on location in the Ashfield area during the month of June, (exact location and date to be revealed to participants closer to the day / rain date created). Masla will do demonstrations to elaborate on lessons previously learned. Explaining sketchbook journaling, doing a graphite wash as well as a watercolor on paper. Participants will receive some materials to use awarded by sponsors Royal Talens North America and Fredrix Artist Canvas.

Masla’s workshops reach beyond techniques, the underlying principles shared transcend any one medium and are applicable to all. His methods encourage individual expression and self observation, seeking the implied balance of art and life and those elements that create unity, meaning and beauty in painting.


Tuesday, May 25, 9:30 and to 4:30, (1 hour lunch break) Zoom - FUNdamentals of Drawing and Sketchbook Journaling

Friday, May 28, 9:30 and to 4:30, (1 hour lunch break) - Simple Ways to Success in Watercolor

One day containing 2 sessions, each session 2.5 -3 hours, (morning and afternoon, with 1 hour lunch break), for plein air demos and practice to be scheduled in June, (date and exact location to be announced closer to date). Morning session will focus on drawing and sketchbook journaling, aftternoon session on watercolor painting.

After conclussion of the workshop there will be an exhibition of completed work at the Ashfield Post Office for those that want to participate.

Materials:A list of basic materials/resources will be shared after registration. Some supplies will be given for plein air donated by Fredrix Canvas and Royal Talens North America.

For information about space availability to register and materials write:

Some dates will be posted below in the Spring, for Summer & Fall, (more dates to be announced as they come up) - Masla Studios North, Ashfield MA

Drawing and Painting the Landscape in Plein Air and the Studio - All Media
at Masla Studios North
962 Apple Valley Rd. Ashfield, MA 01330 for info and to register :
Call - 413-625-8382 or 413-335-4295

Morning Walk 9x72dpiMasla, Morning Walk, (on Apple Valley - plein air), imprimatura oil technique on Fredrix all media paint-board, 8" x 16"
Blinded By the Light,(San Pancho)8x72dpiMasla, Salt in the Air, (plein air San Pancho), Cobra water-mixable oil on Fredrix all media paint-board, 8" x 16"

Experience Masla's award winning teaching style in this weekend workshop drawing and painting the bucolic New England landscape in Spring, Summer and Fall colors with the media of your choice. Masla will demo in a variety of media various principles, techniques and aspects of painting the landscape. The important effects of atmosphere, value, color temperature, light & shadow and composition will be covered.

A Distant View, (Manadnock from Brown Rd.), plein air Cobra oil on 24"x 36" canvas on panel

Classes at Studios North are always small, at this time I am limiting workshops to only 6 participants, so there is a lot of personal attention. People work in the medium of their choice - no problem as a beginner, you will take away a lot of useful techniques and information and experienced artist will broaden their vision and deepen their skills. Spend a relaxing weekend in the country while you learn at your own pace with lots of demos and one on one instruction. Improve your ease and comfort with drawing and painting as Masla reveals methods, techniques and materials that give the painter unparalleled access to freedom, speed and spontaneity to rapidly nail down a paintings composition and values, arguably two of the most important factors in the success of a painting. Learn to understand the difference between criticism and critique and how to move from a narrow vision to Seeing and Being in the Flow.

Shed-Light-11x14Masla, Shed Light, plein air oil, 11" x 14"

Understanding artistic intention along with various approaches to painting in plein air and the studio will be discussed and methods for portraying different aspects of the landscape, i.e. rocks, water, clouds, in convincing manners will be revealed. Be prepared for a thoroughly enjoyable relaxing time in the outdoors and studio, painting and picnicking, as Masla brings you to some of his favorite painting spots around his Studio North, in Ashfield, MA. Cost for the weekend is $350.00, picnic lunch provided. 1 day only, (Sunday) -$200. picnic lunch provided, some art material, call for more info.

Masla, A Hint of Autumn, plein air, Cobra oil on 18" x 24" canvas

- Returning Studio North Participants Receive a $25. discount on the weekend retreat!
Dates for 2021 Studio North Weekends (Satuday, and or Sunday - 9:30am - 5pm, have not yet been posted. Proper social distancing and mask wearing is mandatory to participate in order to help protect all involved. Call or write to make sure space is available, some dates may change, check back periodically):

Join me for painting in
Rural New England this Summer
Dates to be announced this Spring

- Studio painting if inclement weather

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