Message from your hosts

We have designed these totally unique workshop vacations for you, – to be as stress free, comfortable, relaxing and rejuvenating as possible. Come to the Casa and share in an experience that others have raved about. Leave all the details of your stay to us… and the worries of the world and the hectic day to day troubles behind you. Dive into a stress free environment were relaxation, creativity, enjoyment and rejuvenation, are your only concerns.

...We have created these Workshop/Vacations out of some of our passions in life; The essential human “need” to live, explore, and express the creation, creativity and the creative impulse, and thus produce works of art.

A love for experiencing and exploring the natural world and a desire to live in harmony with it.

A love for connecting with people and value in the importance of community building.

A love for Mexico, its’ culture and people, particularly the unique beauty of the “Boca” and surrounding regions with their mystical mountains and cliffs adjacent to the sea. – Our desire and ability to share our passions with others.

We have designed these workshop vacations for you, to be as stress free, comfortable, and rejuvenating as possible. Our mission is to enrich peoples lives thru this workshop/vacation experience – and to have fun doing it! We will work hard to make this an experience you will want to do again. Our formula is simple, creating a workshop/vacation environment where like minded people and perhaps kindred spirits, can relax, rejuvenate and share their love for nature (and the many activities it affords us) and the creative process, using drawing and painting and other arts and therapeutic practices to deepen self discovery and expression in an atmosphere of support, hospitality, comfort and friendship.

The support staff at Casa de los Artistas and the people in “the Boca” are warm and welcoming. There is something special here that makes it easy to be relaxed and feel at ease. It keeps people coming back or wanting to extend their stays.

We believe this workshop/vacation will add that “something” to your life in ways that are not available in conventional tour packages. These workshop/vacations are for those who want to awaken or keep alive the explorer, the adventurer child within. It is for those who wish to experience the authentic rural life of Mexico while having the comforts of the modern amenities most of us are accustomed to. If you wish to see and experience the local people, the ambiance of the region and real culture of Mexico – soak in the colors, the sounds, find the “hidden treasures”, rejuvenate and express your spirit in creative ways – then you should reserve your space and book this all inclusive package! -workshop space and air line tickets are limited!

When you experience Mexico you experience its pace of living. Mexico is known for its’ -“mañjana” attitude – put “it” (your worries, troubles, obligations, jobs, etc.) off till tomorrow. This can be translated into – “take it easy, slow down, don’t worry, be happy” – ” life is what’s happening now – not tomorrow” – “everything will take care of itself in its own time – mañjana”. So how do things happen or get done you ask…? Well another favorite Mexican phrase is – “Quién Sabe” – “Who Knows?” …- but it does get done. As in art so in life, questions are always asked, not always looking for, or having an answer, but we learn to trust in the process. The journey is the destination.

Previous experience in art is useful but not necessary to join in and experience the journey of a Casa de los Artistas Workshop/Vacation. The desire for exploration and discovery, self illumination and renewal, along with an openness to new camaraderie, curiosity and flexibility with the willingness and courage to faithfully step into unknown territory is what is most required of a participant – but don’t feel pressured, if you can’t muster all that up today – than “mañjana”.

Bob offers you over 30 years of experience as a Professional Artist, Teacher, and fellow traveller and Monica over 30 years as a Clinical Social Worker, (LICSW). We act as facilitators, but also provide tons of technical, hands on instruction, depending on the desires of the individuals and the group.

All of the guest artist/co-facilitators are practicing professionals who are leaders in their fields of expertise. It is our belief that one of the greatest challenges of a teacher or therapist, (in art as in life), is to help a student/participant “get out of their own way” – so that their natural abilities, intuitive impulses and creative expression can manifest. Of course, if technical ability seems to hinder a particular avenue of expression, we have ample experience and mastery of technique to provide the necessary instruction to help the individual to achieve their goal and thus add more colors to their palette of creative expression.

We encourage you to explore the pages of this website, email us ( ) or give us a call (413 625-8382) so we can answer any of your questions or concerns and increase your enthusiasm in joining us in tropical Mexico for a wonderful Art Workshop or Seminar /Vacation week – exploring your inner landscape and/ or painting and drawing your heart out!

Thank you and look forward to seeing you in “the Boca”,

Bob Masla, Monica Levine & all the associates of Casa de los Artistas