February 8 – 15, 2020 – Dave Santillanes – Capturing the Atmosphere – Painting in Plein Air and the Studio

February 8 – 15, 2020 – Capturing the Atmosphere – Painting in Plein Air and the Studio with
Dave Santillanes


Dave Santillanes, View of the River from in front of the Casa, oil on panel

Dave’s landscape painting workshops are designed for all levels of ability and focus on concepts and techniques derived from years of plein air painting. Participants should anticipate and be prepared to paint both in plein air, (outdoors) at exotic locals, as well as in the Casa’s unique open air studio.

Dave Santillanes, "The Coming Rain", oil, 32" x 24"

Whether painting outdoors or working in the studio, the primary focus of his workshops will be learning how to simplify a landscape as well as interpreting color relationships to develop atmosphere.

Dave Santillanes, Morning Demo at the Botanical Gardens, oil on panel

Artists will learn to quickly gather the necessary visual information needed to complete a painting in the field. Learning how to simplify a landscape and interpret color and value relationships in order to create depth will be a major benefit of this workshop.

Dave Santillanes, "Desert Bouquet", oil, 24" x 30"

Other fundamental concepts will also be discussed, including the importance of values, shapes and edges. Artists will learn to analyze the information they gathered in the field or from photographs, interpreting color and value relationships in order to create depth in a landscape painting.

Dave Santillanes, First morning demo from the Casa Studio, oil on panel
Dave Santillanes, "Break in the Silence", oil, 40" x 30"

There will be slide presentations, demonstrations, critiques and lots of one-on-one instruction.

Dave Santillanes, "Cirque Lake", oil, 32" x 24"

Join Dave as we paint on the beach in front of the Casa – (or in the open air Casa studio), with the fishing boats, exotic birds, waves, river, village and mountains all around us. Experience the gorgeous rock formations of the Mexican Pacific coast as we take a boat trip, (with opportunity of seeing whales, dolphin, tortoise and mantas) and then onto sketch and picnic at a beautiful beach. Spend the day painting incredible flora and vistas as we make the hacienda at the award winning Puerto Vallarta Botanical Gardens our studio where they serve us a delicious lunch. Step back in time as we spend the day painting in and around the zocalo of the quaint  mountain town of El Tuito, stopping only to have a sumptuous lunch in the patio garden of a hacienda style restaurant off the town square. This and more adventures await you when you join Dave Santillanes  for Capturing the Atmosphere, Painting in Plein Air and the Studio at Casa de los Artistas.

Dave Santillanes, "Early Snow", oil, 30" x 30"
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