Connecting with Creative Flow, January 2 to January 9, 2021



Start the New Year
Connecting with  Creative Flow – Art, Yoga, Dance and Movement Retreat – Journey to Awaken your Creative Self through Art and Soul

Celebrate the New Year with a positive start, join Casa Founders, Monica Levine & artist Robert Masla, and Yoga, Meditation and Ayurvedic Consultant -Practitioner/Yoga Instructor Richard Masla, Founder of the Ayurveda Health Retreat and the YogaVeda School for yoga and ayurveda training and yoga teacher certification,  – and possible return to the Casa, Facilitators – Dance and Movement Instructors
Narieka and Gedezou Laurrisaint-Masla. – (to be announced at later date)

A Meditation, Yoga and Arts Retreat Celebrating Creativity”
–  Sat. January 2,
To Sat. January 9, 2021

with Casa founders Monica Levine & Artist Robert Masla,
Along with Special Guest Facilitators!

Meditating on the Light
Masla, Meditation on the Light, acrylic on panel, 18" x 14", 
private collection, Florida

bob richard_masla

Masla, Flowing, watercolor on Fredrix watercolor canvas, 20″ x 16″, 1.5 hour demo

Join us in starting the New Year in a Positive Flow

“A vacation/workshop that included an experience of Mexico living, great food, boat rides, marvelous excursions – Just so Wonderful!!
But, Bob, what really blew me away was the way you teach a class, yet make it personalized to each of us. The icing on the cakes getting to know you as a truly Great Person. Looking forward to more to come.”
– Michael Williamson, Amherst, MA, 2018 workshop participant

Audrey and Roxanne share their experience of the Yoga and Art Workshop with Richard and Bob


Robert Masla will lead us on a playful, and fun artistic journey to uncover our Creative Self and tapping the flow of creative energy. Reconnecting with your natural intuitive voice in a nurturing and supportive environment where exploration is encouraged and where there are no mistakes. Come and play in this fun, relaxing and rejuvenating workshop. Acrylics, Watercolor along with collage and other aqueous media will be our vehicles for entering the flow of creativity. They are the perfect media for learning to trust in our vision, intuition, and judgement. Using non-traditional and innovative approaches, experimentation and “art games” as well as shamanistic techniques and rituals along with both new and old approaches to traditional drawing and painting techniques, we will awaken intuition, spontaneity and creative play while exploring the depths of our souls and opening our hearts.

 In this video Artist/Workshop facilitator and founder/owner of Casa de los Artistas, Robert Masla, talks about how anyone that can sign their name can learn to draw. The same faculties we use every day to negotiate our visual world are used in drawing. If one wishes to learn to draw representationally, what we observe in nature, it involves a new way of learning to see along with training in eye hand co-ordination. It takes time and practice, like practicing the scales of an instrument, - but to make a work of art it takes more than just this technical skill, it comes from the unique vision -the signature of the artist, from a deep, intuitive place of creativity.

Richard Masla will compliment each day with calming, centering and invigorating Hatha Yoga -Vyasana flow exercises and stretches, Pranayama – (breathing techniques) that balance and revitalize our energy, and soulful visualization, meditation and song that opens our hearts. Together we will experience access to our calm center of meditative awareness as well as releasing the passion of the “inner wild person” to find more balance and flow in our lives.

Every morning before breakfast we will greet the sun as Richard leads us as we begin our practice, diving into dynamic and rejuvenating vinyasa flow and ending with savasana (deep relaxation) and meditation. We will emerge from these practices, clear and vibrant and open. No prior Yoga experience is needed and Richard will gently guide you according to your needs and comfort.

Morning Yoga with Richard in the Casa Studio

After a healthy, delicious breakfast we will gather again in the studio as artist Robert Masla guide us in the experimentation of different drawing and water media, using a variety of painting and drawing processes designed to access our creativity, enhance stillness and awareness along with others that will release energy and passion. We will engage in playfulness, discover the power of creativity and have fun making art! No prior art experience is needed, but it probably won’t hinder your process either. In the afternoons we will also take advantage of the out doors and inspirational locals the Boca offers.

Offering To The Goddess, mixed on board, 12 x 9 inches – Robert Masla

Going Towards the One, watercolor on paper, 32×24 inches -Robert Masla

Signature Energy 1” , Robert Masla, Charcoal, graphite and pastel on paper 18″ x 24″

Masla CelebrationAbstract Floral 1 Acrylic Collage72dpi Robert Masla, Celebration, acrylic and mixed media collage 32″x16″

There is also plenty of “downtime” after lunch, during “siesta” for relaxing on the beach, hiking the wonderful trails, or just sitting on your balcony taking in the activities of the fishing village as you observe the beautiful tropical birds that land just feet away.

If Narieka and Gede join us, (to be announced closer to workshop), each day after siesta, they will help us jump start our creative energy with a series of short movement exercises to help you get grounded in your body, tap into your authentic sense of self and energize you for more visual art making in the afternoon. For those interested in more dance, there will be a number of siesta times devoted to the teaching  and practice of latin dance – Salsa, Merengue, Cha – Cha and perhaps even a Reueda. Rueda is a group dance with interchanging  multiple partners in a circular fashion and emerged in 1956 from Cuba, originally know as Rueda del Casino. This dance was exclusively danced at the Club Casino Deportivo, but quickly spread to other clubs around the beachfronts and later to the capital. While the dance became popular so did the phrases “vamos a hacer la rueda como en el Casino” (let’s go dance “rueda” like in the Casino) and “vamos a hacer la rueda del Casino” (let’s go dance “rueda” of the Casino).
There will also be the opportunity on Weds. night, (evening of the “Gallery Walk”, in Puerto Vallarta, for participants to go with Narieka and Gede to the Cuban Salsa Club/Restaraunt on the Malecone, La Bodeguita, where a live salsa band sets the tone beginning around 9:30. You can dance, try out some new moves or watch and listen while sipping a great mojito or eating fried plantinos.

Come and play in this fun and exhilarating workshop where we will experience a variety of different approaches and exercises designed to help us gain access to our calm center of meditative awareness as well as releasing the passion of creative expression.

Your All-Inclusive Cost Includes this and more:

  • 6 Workshop days of Yoga and Art -Yoga before breakfast and art after breakfast to lunch, approx. 3 hrs. in the studio,then after lunch and siesta, 3 more hours of Seminar time and some evenings, (Sunday thru Friday). More than 36 hours of Workshop time, (schedule is flexible to accommodate excursions)
  • 7 nights private room oceanside accommodation (single or double occupancy -No extra charge for a single!) – ALL With Private Bath and Balcony
  • 7 breakfasts, 6 lunches and 5 dinners at oceanside restaurants/all drinks included
  • Evening Introduction to Ayurveda, includes lecture/ with discussion and Ayurvedic cooking class and dinner
  • 3 unique cultural excursions:
  • Puerto Vallarta excursion for gallery walking tour, shopping & city life – (Dancing?!)
  • Boat Trip to explore the gorgeous coastline with opportunity to see whales, dolphins, giant mantas/optional snorkeling at Los Arcos National Coral Reef Park, then on to a fabulous picnic at an exotic secluded beach,(bring your camera and sketch book!)
  • Trip to the Puerto Vallarta Botanical Gardens for Photography and walking meditation.

Tapasya – The Fire Within – acrylic and watercolor on canvas, 60″x40″, Robert Masla

Meditation Natura, watercolor on Fredrix watercolor canvas, 30″x20″ Robert Masla

For those interested in learning about a representational approach to drawing and painting, still lifes will also be set up in the stunning Casa Studio, a 1000 + sqr. ft. open-air studio with incredible panoramic views of the mountains, river, ocean and Boca village. We will be able to take advantage of the many inspirational locals in and around the Boca village for sketching and painting in plein air. Anticipate a fun, relaxing, nourishing and extraordinary experience. You will bring home with you skills, knowledge, insight and a deepened understanding of yourself through yoga, accessing creativity and the drawing and the painting process. The Casa’s Bob Masla, who has over 35 years as an exhibiting artist and over 30 years teaching experience will be facilitating your creative exploration. But that’s not all; make sure you bring your camera and sketchbook, as there will be numerous cultural excursions as well. We will visit the exotic Botanical Gardens for walking meditation, photography and sketching. You can also take a trip into Puerto Vallarta for shopping the Mercado, walking the malecon (boardwalk) and experience the lively arts scene. There will be a boat trip to explore the gorgeous coastline and spectacular rock formations, as well as to swim or snorkel at Los Arcos National Coral Reef Park, with opportunities for seeing sea turtles, whales dolphins and abundant fish.

Other wild life is right at hand, from the balcony of your room you can view tropical birds and observe the local unspoiled Boca. Watch (and participate) as the simple authentic Mexican village life unfolds around you. This quaint fishing village unspoiled by tourists, is a rare treat off the beaten path. Words don’t actually do justice to the wonderful adventure in store for each participant. Come, relax and play in this fun and exhilarating workshop. In the playful, nurturing and supportive environment of Casa de los Artistas exploration is encouraged and there are no mistakes.

This workshop is suitable for everyone, regardless of their art, yoga or dance experience. From those with no previous dance,  yoga or art training, as well as the seasoned artists and professional looking to find a place of calm reflection and fresh inspiration to infuse their work with new energy and stimulation.

Participate in all, or part, everything is optional – This is your workshop!

This workshop will generate in you a sense of serenity and help you to identify your clear voice of intuition and self confidence. You will be so engaged in the creative process in this supportive atmosphere, that fears, apprehensions and “inner critiques” will be quieted and fall to the background, allowing your Creative Self to emerge.

Marriage of the Sun & Moon, oil and alkyd on board, 2 panels, 9 x 12 inches each – Robert Masla

Detail- “Marriage of the Sun & Moon“, oil and alkyd on board, 9 x 12 inches each panel – Robert Masla

Detail- “Marriage of the Sun & Moon“, oil and alkyd on board, 9 x 12 inches each panel  – Robert Masla

Los Arcos from the Coastal Highway“, plein air watercolor and pencil on paper, 5 x 7 inches

Entering Sedona, 10th Annual Sedona Plein Air Festival“, watercolor on Fredrix watercolor canvas paintboard, 8×16 inches, Robert Masla

Everyone who comes to this workshop will equally and fully enjoy “Art and Soul – Exploring Your Inner Landscape”.
You can reserve your place with a $500. credit card deposit, (no surcharge) or pay in full (surcharge applies)

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Robert Masla, Casa Blanca, Boca, watercolor on 1/2 sheet cold press