Wednesday, January 20th, 2021: Oil & Acrylic Painting: Rocks & Water

Masla, Wave Dance, Oil on linen, 24" x 36"

Bring a little feeling of summer into your home studio this winter, join artist Robert Masla as he leads you in this fun and informative workshop revealing principles and techniques for painting convincing rocks and water with either oil or acrylic paint. Rock, the most solid of the earth elements has it’s own unique charachteristics. Learn some of the tools and techniques an artist can use to convince the viewer of its mass, wieght, texture, and other things relative to making them a convincing part within a composition.Of all the elements of landscape, water is perhaps the most elusive, hardest to pin down and paint -especially when it is constantly moving! Learn about the qualities of water – how we see liquids, reflection, refraction, opacity and transparency and how you can create the illusions that simulate the sense, not only of water, but water in motion. Masla shares with you both simple and fast techniques for capturing the feeling of rocks and water, both moving water as well as giving you an in-depth understanding of waters different properties. He will describe the anatomy of waves, and perception of both still and moving water, of mist and atmosphere. After experiencing this in-depth workshop, when you paint, either in plein air or the studio, you will have both a better understanding of what you are seeing and want to portray as well as greater ability through knowledge and technique, to express it.

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