Monday, January 18, 10am – 3pm EST: Watercolor Simplified – Mastering the Basics, (an up close and personal zoom workshop)

Masla, Unrecognized Essential Workers Series: Farmers (tonal study)
watercolor on 6.5" x 15" Gemini cold press paper

Have you ever wanted to try your hand at watercolor but didn’t because you always heard it was“the most difficult of all painting mediums” or tried it, but gave up in frustration because it “didn’t seem to work the way I expected”. Actually, watercolor is no more difficult to master than any other painting medium, it is really about gaining an understanding of it’s unique attributes and charchteristics and then applying principles related to them with practice. Join artist Robert Masla, who has been painting in watercolor and oil for over 50 years in this relaxed and informative workshop. We will start at the very beginning, understanding paper, brushes and pigments – and their relationship to water. Through a series of paint along demonstrations Masla will lead you in the dance of watercolor painting.You will be given the tools, exercises and principles to practice and gain the understanding of the give and take between the artist, the paint and the water that brings mastery to watercolor painting. This class is ideal for the beginner or artist that hasn’t painted in watercolor in a while or intermediate that wishes to strengthen their knowledge and practice and mastery of watecolor painting

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