March 22, 23, 24, 2021 – Frank Eber

Interpreting impressions of Mexico in watercolor – A virtual experience
with masterful painter Frank Eber

Franks painting, whether in watercolor or oil, inspires an emotional response to Nature, resulting in timeless, enduring artwork. A closer look reveals subtlety in color, poetic impressions, and serene beauty.

“I am very conscious of my edges and never say ‘too much’. I think it is important to leave some mystery, some room for imagination. When you look at the finished piece, it is remarkable what you think you see that is not really there! For me, that is one of the most beautiful things about painting in watercolor!”

Frank Eber, Boca Boats, watercolor

Hours: 3days, Mon – Weds., 4 hrs per day
Pacific Time: 9am to 11am, (11 – 12Noon Lunch/Siesta) + 12:00 – 2:00pm
Central Time: 11am to 1:00pm, (1pm – 2 Lunch/Siesta) & 2pm to 4pm
Eastern Time: 12noon -2pm, (2 – 3pm Lunch/Siesta) + 3pm to -5pm

In this three day workshop, Frank will teach painting principles and above all, how to paint watercolors that look connected, soft and beautiful. However, the principles you will learn in Frank’s workshops transcend the watercolor medium, reach beyond technique, encouraging individual expression and observing the elusive balance of forces that create beauty in painting.

“Atmosphere and light are just the first steps. As shapes dissolve in patterns of value and light, the painting becomes more a poetic statement than a literal representation.”

During these 3 days painting together we will focus on the beautiful landscape around the Casa de los Artistas in Boca as we concentrate on:

Day 1: The world of edges: one of the most important things you’ll ever learn
Day 2: Values make the general painting
Day 3: Color harmony and connection make the painting sing!

Price:$350. Space is limited, sign up now to reserve yours and for a
Special Discount Price – Register by End of Day January 17 for $300. !

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