March 18 – 25, 2023, Randall Sexton

Portrait_Headshot sextonRandall Sexton –
“Expressive Brushwork En Plein Air”

Join us for what is sure to be another fun and exciting week of painting in the Tropics with Randall Sexton

Randall Sexton, Looking up "Main Street" (Calle Pelicanos), from across the river, oil
To be in the moment as much as humanly possible is what we so often strive to do. Painting plein air
is a good way to get there.  Join California artist Randall Sexton for a fun week of “choice moments” while painting the various scenes close to La Casa.
 Sexton_CarmelMissionRandall Sexton, Carmel Mission, oil
R Sexton Apartments on the Mountainside Boca Randal Sexton, Apartment on the Mountain side - Boca, oil on linen
R Sexton Painting in front of the Casa 2018 Randal Sexton, Infront of the Casa, oil on linen,

“Dear Bob Monica and Staff,
My 4th year of enjoying the total Casa Experience – Your graciousness is genuine. I feel welcome & more “at home” each year with the best home cooked Mexican food and caring encouraging art experience – Many Thanks!
Hoping to see you all for many years to come. -Joanne Ravgiala

Randall Sexton, Demo in El Tuito, oil
“Expressive Brushwork En Plein Air” with Randall Sexton
March 18 – 25, 2023

We will be painting on location at inspirational places. We will visit the award winning Puerto Vallarta Botanical Gardens where we will have the bottom of their Hacienda Restaurant to use as a temporary studio, after sketching in the morning they will prepare us a wonderful lunch and then more art play in the afternoon, (perhaps after a quick siesta on one of their lounge chairs overlooking the mountains). We will also spend a day at the nearby charming mountain town of El Tuito, painting at the Zocalo with the cobblestone streets and charming buildings surrounding it, with a simple demo in the morning, and another great lunch in the courtyard garden at Marios Patio, a great hacienda style restaurant right on the square, then painting in the afternoon. Another day we will take a boat trip to explore the gorgeous coastline, (witnessing a wonderful display of atmospheric perspective) and arrive at a wonderful beach for picnic and sketching, (swimming or snorkeling anyone?). At each location Randall will share his wisdom, insights and mastery to help you capture expressive brushwork while painting on location. You will also have valuable one on one time with the instructor to help you with your grasp of the materials, techniques and concepts.

R Sexton Street in El TuitoRandall Sexton, Street in El Tuito, oil on linen

R Sexton Lion at the BotanicalRandall Sexton, Lion at the P. V. Botanical Garden, oil on linen
Randall Sexton, China Cove, oil

Randall has a reputation as an excellent teacher with a unique ability to address the individual needs of each student. His teaching experience includes workshops abroad with the Sedona Art Center, Pixar Animation Studios and The Academy of Art University San Francisco. 

“Dear Bob and Staff,
This has been a rich and rewarding week in many ways: Randalls’ kind, encouraging and insightful teaching, the delicious and varied meals, the inspiring scenery. I leave feeling recharged and happy. Thank you.” – Ann Nothof

Sexton_Peace HogsRandall Sexton, Peace Hogs, oil
Join Randall Sexton at the Casa for
“Expressive Brushwork En Plein Air”
March 18 – 25, 2023

You can reserve your place with a $500. credit card deposit, (no surcharge) or pay in full (surcharge applies)

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We want this to be as rewarding and as stress free as possible!!

The suggested supply list below is not mandatory. I’ve listed the colors and supplies that I’ll bring, but feel free to use a color palette and medium that you are familiar with. Our goal is to work with you at your level. My medium of choice is oil…and am certainly open to other mediums, but only if you have experience with the logistics en plein air…(or you simply want to experiment) Contact me directly if you have any questions or concerns –  or 415-307-9796

I look forward to painting with you soon!

The Casa has painting solvent, they do suggest you bring a small jar of some linseed oil or artists grade vegetable oil for cleaning brushes daily and keeping them moist, (minimizing the use of solvent). So no need to fly with any liquids…otherwise:
Basic Plein Air Set-up:
Try to be as compact as possible, we will be travelling to remote painting locations a couple days…and the walkways near the Casa can be restrictive with bulky gear.)
Plein Air Easel (I use a Soltek)
Solvent container
Palette Knife
Rags or Paper towels
Umbrella –optional
Wide brim hat – sun protection etc
Wet Panel Carrier (of some sort)  I use Raymar

Ivory Black
Ultramarine Blue
Viridian Hue (Holbein)
Transparent Red Oxide. (Rembrandt)…or Burnt Sienna)
Quinacridone Red or Alizarin Crimson
Permanent Red light (Rembrandt.. or  Cad Red Light (or Cadmium Scarlet)
Golden Ochre or yellow ochre light
Cadmium Yellow Light  (or Cadmium Lemon)
Titanium White
Or > Fast drying white

Fast drying medium….
(I pack Graham’s Walnut Alkyd Medium in a small shampoo bottle) It’s non toxic and non flammable ..but just so there is no issue – I disguise it)
(A well maintained assortment that contains some of the following:),
HOG BRISTLE:: Filberts, Flats, and Rounds- #4,#6,#8…..with one larger flat
SOFT SYNTHETIC OR NATURAL HAIR Brights, 1/8”, 1/4”, Flat; #1

Panels or Canvas:
You will be painting one piece the first day, and 1- 2 paintings otherwise….So, bring a variety of panels (or canvass pads) …(size -whatever your comfort zone is or panel carrier etc)

I use 12 x 16 the most on location – but may bring 16 x 20 wet carrier so that I can do a couple larger pieces and still carry the 12 x 16’s in the same case