July 29 & August 26, Life Enhancement Through Drawing & Painting, Ashfield, with artist Robert Masla

This program is supported in part by a grant from the Ashfield Cultural Council, a local agency which is supported by the Mass Cultural Council, a state agency.

Join Ashfield artist Robert Masla, July 29 and August 26, in Ashfield for a series of FREE, fun, in-depth demo/workshops on watercolor & oil painting. Day 1 will focus on watercolor, Day 2 on oil, (Masla will use Cobra water mixable oils). These are free to area residents and are limited to 20 participants on a first registered basis. Some Materials supplied, contact the artist. Appropriate for all levels of persons, beginners to advanced, with an interest in drawing and painting (ages 14+, those younger please contact the artist for clearance). Participants with little or no experience to those that are actively engaged in art and want to review basics and recharge their creativity with fresh input will find this workshop series beneficial. To Register: 413 335 4295 Bob@MaslaFineArt.com

Masla, Rhythm of 2,(at the frisbee tournament), graphite wash pencil in sketchbook.


Masla, Plein air from the Casa Patio, watercolor on 1/4sheet   cold press w.c. paper

Workshop Structure:
Masla will lead you through his demos on a large gamut of approaches to drawing and painting extracting lessons from his over 50 years of experience making art. Through a series of exercises covering intention, composition, value, shape, line and edges you will discover the magic of mark making. You will gain an understanding of the effects of light and shadow on form, and the methods for creating a sense of atmosphere and 3 dimensional illusions on a 2 dimensional surface. You will also learn about simplification and abstraction and developing a personal “shorthand” to convey detail. Through exploring a variety of skills and techniques you will evolve your ability to SEE – building your confidence in your mark and enhancing your drawing and painting.

Day 1 will be “En Plein Air”, (painting outdoors, sketching and painting on location in the Ashfield area, (exact location to be revealed to participants closer to the day / rain date created). This “paint along” demo/workshop will focus on Simple Ways to Success in Watercolor.There will be an introduction to the basics & the essentials of creating successful landscape composition and the use of watercolors. Watercolor is no more difficult to master than any other painting medium. It is about gaining an understanding of it’s unique attributes and characteristics and then applying principles related to them with patience, practice and persistence. We will start at the very beginning, understanding paper, brushes and pigments – and their relationship to water. Through this paint along demonstration Masla will lead you in the dance of watercolor painting. You will be given the tools, exercises and principles to practice and continue gaining the understanding of the give and take between the artist, the paint, paper and the water that ultimately brings mastery to watercolor painting.

Day 2 will also be spent “En Plein Air”, sketching and painting on location in the Ashfield area, (exact location to be revealed to participants closer to the day / rain date created). Masla will do demonstrations to elaborate on lessons previously learned, this time working with Cobra water mixable oils, (participants may use medium of their choice). Participants will receive some materials to use awarded by sponsors Royal Talens North America, Princeton Brush and Fredrix Artist Canvas.

Masla, April Snows in Apple Valley, w.c. on paper, 5" x 7"

Masla’s workshops reach beyond techniques, the underlying principles shared transcend any one medium and are applicable to all. His methods encourage individual expression and self observation, seeking the implied balance of art and life and those elements that create unity, meaning and beauty in painting.

"A Distant View, (Manadnock from Brown Road)", plein air Cobra oil on 24" x 36" Fredrix canvas on board.


Saturday, July 29, 9:30am – 1pm Participants meet at designated location for Demo/Paint along workshop –Landscape Composition & Simple Ways to Success in Watercolor

Sunday, August 26, 9:30am – 1pm Participants meet at designated location for Demo/Paint along workshop–Landscape Composition cont’d. & Oil Demo with Cobra water mixable oils.

After conclussion of the workshop there will be an exhibition of completed work at the Ashfield Post Office for those that want to participate.

Materials:A list of basic materials/resources will be shared after registration. Some supplies will be given for plein air donated by Royal Talens North America, Fredrix Canvas and Princeton Brush Co.

For information about space availability to register and materials call and write:(413) 335-4295 bob@MaslaFineArt.com